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The Internets

Sometimes I don't understand the intertubes. A good friend of mine Jessamyn is a the most famous person I know. How many people do YOU know on Wikipedia? Anyways.. so she goes out to this library.. and is all.. HURF DURF WINDOWS 2000 CD KEY GRR about some computers that were donated without software. We go back and forth a little bit, and somehow Ubuntu came up.. my grandeous idea was the Linux Terminal Server Project blah blah... but Jessamyn just installs Ubuntu. She also records it with her macbook. Now thats cool and all.. but it fucking explodes on the intertubes this afternoon.

First Cathy over at the SevenDays 802 Online Corporate Sell-your-soul blog posts it as TODAYS VERMONT VIDEO OF THE DAY. Then BoingBoing picks it up on their front page. From there the brushfire tapers out.. and its now listed on like 50,000 blogs.

Its a fucking video of someone installing UBUNTU! Ground breaking.. I know!

Anyways.. its a super well done video.. and I love Jessamyn's enthusiasm and energy.. but gimme a break.. why is this catching like wildfire?

I had dinner tonight with Ms. Jessamyn West, Folk Hero:


We discussed the digital divide, and how this hasn't made it anywhere off from the internets into the real world in Vermont. We also had awesome food.

OH MY FUCKING GOD. So Ubuntu apparently just *called* the Folk Hero, and interviewed her or something, and in sending her 300 Ubuntu CD's to further the cause. This never ends.. hahah.
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